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High-End Men's Footwear

They say you can tell everything about a man by his watch and his shoes. Make a statement with your footwear. Bring it to Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair for restoration, repair, dyeing, weatherproofing, and more.

At Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair, we handle shoes of all types, from your highest quality dress shoes to your favorite pair of old Birkenstocks.

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Proper shoes are an investment that can last you for a decade or more if you care for them. When a regular polish won't cut it, bring your shoes to our expert craftsmen and we'll make them look like new.

With shoes from Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair, you'll make a statement and feel more comfortable. Call us at 314-727-4080 to find out more about our men's shoe care services.
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At Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair, we offer friendly and helpful customer service. We're happy to walk you through all your options.
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